1. I will always treat a weapon as charged.
  2. I will never channel weapons where I do not want to shoot.
  3. Before I shoot, I always check what is in front of the goal and behind it.
  4. I will not touch the trigger until the barrel is aimed at the target. Possible reasons for denial of service: – alcohol or drug intoxication. – aggressive behavior. – dangerous, careless handling of weapons.
  5. The entrance to the range and weapons is provided after payment and briefing.

The rules are compulsory for all participants shooting from all types of weapons (hereinafter referred to as visitors, guests, clients, users).

Visitors are obliged to comply with the presented safety rules, and also have the right to demand their compliance from other participants.

Only those who have been briefed with the rules of safety and shooting and who signed in the Shooting Range Safety Instructions Journal (hereinafter referred to as the Journal) can be engaged in shooting.

It is forbidden to shoot for alcohol-fueled/drugged people, children under 14 years old without supervision of their parents/other legal representatives.

The administration of the shooting range shall not be liable if the visitors of the shooting range have caused injuries, damage or non-compliance with the safety rules caused the death of visitors and other persons on the territory of the shooting range due to their non-compliance with safety rules.

Before shooting, each visitor (or the legal representative of the visitor) shall sign in the journal provided for this.

When shooting (regardless of the type of weapon) it is FORBIDDEN:

To use sports equipment, weapons, magazines, ammunition, (hereinafter – weapons, equipment) to go to the line for firing, as well as shoot without an instructor’s command, stay and navigate through the shooting range and in the firing line without the instructor’s permission.

To transfer a loaded or cocked weapon to another firing party, to move while holding a cocked/loaded weapon.

To take up arms, magazines, ammunition and other items and carry out other actions without the permission of the instructor. Take up arms if there is a person in the target area, even if the weapon is uncocked/ unloaded weapon.

To use cellular communications on the firing station.

Not to comply with the requirements of the shooting instructor and measures for the safe handling of weapons.

To be in the shooting range without eye protection and hearing protection.

Compulsory safety rules and behavior in the shooting range:

It is forbidden to channel your weapon at something that is not the target. It is strictly forbidden to channel a weapon at a person!

It is forbidden to fire without a word of command!

It is forbidden to use defective weapons for shooting!

It is forbidden to prepare for shooting, aiming at targets or other objects, being in a non-firing position!

It is forbidden to turn the weapon away from the rifle track for all actions with a weapon!

It is forbidden to take out a loaded weapon from the rifle position!

It is forbidden to shoot at other objects not related to the exercise.

It is forbidden to aim and shoot at the target of another shooter!

It is forbidden to load and reload the weapon and s press the trigger at the same time!

It is forbidden to channel weapons (loaded, unloaded, disassembled, training, defective) to the rear of the audience and to the sides!

It is forbidden to keep your finger on the trigger, even if your weapon is uncocked and/or discharged. Touch the trigger with your finger only after aiming, before that, keep your finger on the safety bracket. In the intervals between firing, the index finger of the hand holding the weapon must be on the trigger guard, the shutter, after firing the weapon must be locked!

You can cock/charge a weapon only on the firing line, moreover strictly in the direction of your target, after the permission of the instructor.

It is forbidden to place weapons on the surface of the firing table with the fuse turned off and the cock at full bent.

It is forbidden to shoot projectiles not intended for these types of weapons.

It is forbidden to shoot from long-barreled weapons with live ammunition, shotgun and canister-shot.

To avoid impact from the shot in the eyebrow/eye and subsequent injury, do not touch the eyepiece with your eyebrow while aiming through the telescope.

Control the shooting area. Being engaged in shooting in the group, do not allow the participants to cross the shooting line.

It is recommended to wear safety glasses when shooting.

When shooting in headphones and (or) glasses, it is prohibited to adjust these objects with any hand while the weapon is in hand

It is forbidden to transfer a loaded (cocked) weapon to another person, leave it loaded/cocked, with the shutter closed, and also unattended. It is forbidden to touch someone else’s weapon without the permission of the owner.

Weapons should be kept unloaded if not shooting, as well as during movements across the shooting range.

Before shooting, check the technical condition of the weapon plus tighten the mounting screws (with the help of an instructor).

It is forbidden to disassemble a loaded/cocked weapon.

Functioning, repair and adjustment of weapons is done in a special place, taking into account all security measures in the presence of an instructor.

When shooting, the shooters unconditionally perform the instructor commands without exception; otherwise they are removed from practice.

At the end of the shooting (in the breaks intended for inspection of targets), the instructor examines the weapon. Only having been made sure that it is discharged, the instructor allows you to go to the targets.

Shooters on the firing line observe strictly whether other participants follow generally accepted safety rules. In case the rules are being violated, it is necessary to caution the violator, other shooters (with a loud voice signal “Stop!”) and take all measures aimed at eliminating the violation. Having heard a warning signal, other shooters are required to immediately stop their practice.

It is forbidden to approach shooting participants closer than 2 meters.

It is necessary to immediately stop shooting if the shooter loses orientation and shows signs of a sharp deterioration in health, if a malfunction in a weapon or a defect in a shell is detected, and also at the request of a coach or instructor without their explaining the reasons to stop shooting.

In the event of a contingency situation or a fire in the shooting range, stop shooting immediately. At the command of the instructor, visitors should orderly and without panic leave the shooting range.

In case of injury, immediately report the incident to the instructor.

Signing in the Journal of Safety and Conduct Instructions in the Sport and shooting range

I, as an adult citizen (a legal representative of a minor), being in my right mind, confirm that:

I have reviewed these rules and received the appropriate briefing;

– I realize all possible dangers associated with my use (of a minor, whose legal representative I am) of the shooting range and bear full personal responsibility for my actions, my life and health;

– In case of injury, I will have no claims to the organizers of the shooting range;

– I have reviewed safety precautions and undertake to comply with its requirements.



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