Practical shooting is a relatively young type of shooting sport. It originated in California in the early 50s and quickly spread to other continents.

The main task of practical shooting is to ensure the safe and qualified use of firearms by respectable citizens, to raise the general culture of weapon handling. Today, the International Practical Shooting competition, based on the safe handling of weapons, accuracy, power and speed, is held around the world. The highest achievement in Practical Shooting is to become the IPSC World Champion.

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC, or International Practical Shooting Confederation – I.P.S.C) was officially founded in May 1976. Today, the International Practical Shooting Confederation is developing in more than sixty countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The headquarters of IPSC is in Canada.

Having a combat origin, this sport has greatly changed, but today it is the most applied sport in many special divisions of the world.


Today it is important to pay attention to the correctness of building and the formation of the method for performing practical shooting tasks. Indeed, the result of the athlete’s performance at competitions largely depends on it. Properly chosen exercises for practical shooting allow you to achieve faster and better results and outrun all rivals. When getting the right basic knowledge, which can be acquired both by yourself and by seeking help from an experienced instructor, there arise skills that allow you to feel your body perfectly, use the necessary stands in different situations, while always holding the weapon correctly and controlling both aiming devices and the trigger. All this is called technique that instills a shooter with confidence and an accurate understanding that each target will be hit, bringing the maximum number of points. Exercises in practical shooting, which are to be discussed, allow you to develop the proper technique and give an idea ​​how to perform properly a particular task.

Pointing a weapon at a target with a shot

This task is done with ammunition, without using time tracking devices. In this case, the gong will be the most suitable target. The distance that is the most optimal for performing this exercise in practical shooting is a distance of 15 meters. A small remark: it is better to paint such goal with light colors because it will make possible to control more accurate the place of each hit.

Initial position

It is required to stand facing the target itself; in this case the weapon is taken by double grip. You should charge the weapon and hold it in the direction of shooting, that is, in the direction of the target. Before you begin to perform the task and start shooting, you need to check the correctness of the location of the parts of the body, which form the stance of the shooter. Make sure that the shoulders are in the correct position and are not pressed against the neck, the torso has also taken the correct position, you should also check the position of the elbows, namely, how much they are separated.

Task execution scheme

The task begins with the fact that the shooter combines the sighting devices on his weapon in the center of the target, followed by the target hit. Then you need to take a passive stance, this is when the weapon is attracted to the chest and the finger is removed from the trigger allowing you to take a shot. In this case, you can be recommended not to put a finger of the main hand directly on the trigger bracket. This situation will relieve unnecessary fatigue, thereby increasing its mobility. Having completed all these manipulations, the task can be considered completed. After the break, perform the same actions, thereby repeating the exercise. It is necessary to do this until the moment the magazine runs out of ammo. But no matter what method is used, it is important to look at the target itself at the moment when the weapon is at the chest, and when bringing it to the eye line for the subsequent shot, the focus must be kept on the very front sight. This vision control allows you to hit the target perfectly, making exercises in practical shooting. Be careful with such issues as the position of the weapon, because it is considered correct when the barrel is parallel to the ground and turned exclusively in the direction where the shooting is being made. Upon completion, the weapon is inspected; before that it is necessary to remove the magazine itself, after that the shutter of the weapon is retracted to the rear extreme position, which makes it possible to verify that there is no cartridge in the chamber. Then, the bolt is twisted several times to show more convincing in the clearness of the weapon, a control release is performed and the safety catch is activated. After this, the exercise can be considered complete.

Shooting in motion on multiple targets

This training exercise is performed using ammunition, without using time tracking devices. Such exercises in practical shooting form the stance, also a grip that allows you to shoot in motion. The ability to aim weapons at the target quickly, control and removal of a finger on the trigger are formed. In such exercises, several cardboard targets are used, or gongs that are 15 meters in distance. The distance between the targets is also taken into account; it should not exceed 2 meters.

Initial position

The weapon is held with both hands at the chest, the barrel is parallel to the ground. The index finger of the main hand, responsible for the shot, is in a straight position and does not lie on the trigger. In this case, the center of gravity must be lowered down so the knees are to be slightly bent.

Task execution scheme

It is easy to perform such exercise in practical shooting. Making a shooting: a step to the side is made, after which the weapon is attracted to the chest, the finger does not touch the trigger. At the end of the step, the weapon is aimed at the target and a shot is made. This change of movement from one side to the other is done until there are cartridges. Upon completion of the shooting, the weapon is inspected, before that it is necessary to remove the magazine itself, after that the bolt is retracted to the rear extreme position, which makes it possible to verify that there is no cartridge in the chamber. Then, the bolt is twisted several times to show more convincing in the clearness of the weapon, a control release is performed and the safety catch is activated. After this, the exercise can be considered complete.

High shooting accuracy

When performing this task, you will need ammunition; you do not need to use time tracking devices in this case. The essence of the exercise is aimed at improving the accuracy of hits and removing unnecessary movement during the shot, which is expected by the shooter. It is suitable for athletes of any level and will be useful for everybody. A cardboard target set at a distance of 25 meters is required to complete it. In its center you will need to stick any label of any color, the main thing is that it stands out against the general background, the size of which is 5×5 cm. This task will also require idle ammunition.

Initial position

It is required to stand facing the target, holding the weapon with a double grip on the chest; the barrel bore is also looking in the direction where the shot will be made. It is important to take into account one difference in the stance when doing this exercise: the elbows are in contact with the sides of the body. The finger is still parallel to the barrel and does not touch the trigger. The store is charged with live ammunition mixed with idle.

Task execution scheme

Exercises performance in practical shooting begins after a command, or a special signal. Its essence lies in the exact hit of the target with five shots, made according to all the rules of practical shooting. To check the accuracy of the hit in this exercise you can use binoculars, or any other device that allows you to see the hit at a distance. At the moment of the process itself, due attention should be paid to the devices responsible for aiming, and also to check the finger at the trigger and tactile sensations arising from this at the time of shooting. The purpose of the loaded idle ammunition is to identify individually the reaction of each athlete to the very feeling of waiting for the shot, look at it and then analyze it. If, nevertheless, it turns out that the body is waiting for such shot and is preparing for it, then it will be possible to observe the rocking of the barrel down while pressing the trigger. To prevent and eliminate such harmful movement, it is necessary to make several idle shots, seeking to fully stabilize the front sight and eliminate any unnecessary manipulations with the weapon. Upon receipt of the desired result, it is recommended to remember the state with which the necessary actions are taken. Then, returning to shooting with cartridges, the state that was remembered is recalled and applied at the time of shooting to improve the result. This technique allows achieving a positive effect and it delivers to the shooter the technique to work on at the shortest time.  Doing the exercise, repeat it, thereby improving the accuracy of shooting and achieve the result in which when shooting with idle ammunition the front sight will remain motionless.



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