For any age

Wide arsenal

Interactive scenes

Full security

Low price shots

  • People of almost any age and any training have the ability to shoot in the electronic shooting range;
  • Wide choice of laser weapons from children’s lightweight electronic automatic weapon and pistols to weight and size weapons models;
  • No ammunition ensures complete safety of the laser shooting range, both for shooters and for the operator. Also, an electronic shooting range will not harm household appliances and furniture, even with an aimed shot;
  • Lack of ammunition significantly reduces the cost of a shot;
  • The ability to shoot the projected standard targets and play interesting dynamic interactive game scenes.


Our Shooting is the first Electronic Shooting Range in Portugal, in the construction of which the most advanced technologies have been applied. When shooting you will have the full feeling that you are really shooting at targets from a real weapon. The only difference is that the target is not hit with a bullet, but with a laser or a heat ray. Unlike a combat shooting range, it’s safe and comfortable here and there is a huge selection of targets and weapons. With us you can fully develop your shooting skills: accuracy, speed, reaction, to get acquainted with various types of weapons. Here are the ideal conditions to find out who is more accurate and luckier among your friends! In our shooting range there is an opportunity to enter the elite of shooters in Portugal and the world!



Avenida "Tomas Cabreira", 
edificio "Varandas do Sol", Lote 3, Loja 7,
 Portimao, Portugal. 8500-802.

+351 282 110 372
+351 935 594 544