Our Shooting is the first Electronic Shooting Range in Portugal, in the construction of which the most advanced technologies have been applied. When shooting you will have the full feeling that you are really shooting at targets from a real weapon. The only difference is that the target is not hit with a bullet, but with a laser or a heat ray. Unlike a combat shooting range, it’s safe and comfortable here and there is a huge selection of targets and weapons. With us you can fully develop your shooting skills: accuracy, speed, reaction, to get acquainted with various types of weapons. Here are the ideal conditions to find out who is more accurate and luckier among your friends! In our shooting range there is an opportunity to enter the elite of shooters in Portugal and the world!


Practical shooting is a relatively young type of shooting sport. It originated in California in the early 50s and quickly spread to other continents.

The main task of practical shooting is to ensure the safe and qualified use of firearms by respectable citizens, to raise the general culture of weapon handling. Today, the International Practical Shooting competition, based on the safe handling of weapons, accuracy, power and speed, is held around the world. The highest achievement in Practical Shooting is to become the IPSC World Champion.

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC, or International Practical Shooting Confederation – I.P.S.C) was officially founded in May 1976. Today, the International Practical Shooting Confederation is developing in more than sixty countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The headquarters of IPSC is in Canada.

Having a combat origin, this sport has greatly changed, but today it is the most applied sport in many special divisions of the world.

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The capabilities of the complex allow us to hold competitions in practical shooting up to the third level.
We have gained a wealth of experience in holding competitions, thanks to which sports competitions held by the shooting complex deserve the highest marks from both the shooters and the Federation of practical shooting. Competitions are open to all good citizens, regardless of their occupation.
Accuracy, power and speed are equally important elements of practical shooting.

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  1. I will always treat a weapon as charged.
  2. I will never channel weapons where I do not want to shoot.
  3. Before I shoot, I always check what is in front of the goal and behind it.
  4. I will not touch the trigger until the barrel is aimed at the target. Possible reasons for denial of service: – alcohol or drug intoxication. – aggressive behavior. – dangerous, careless handling of weapons.
  5. The entrance to the range and weapons is provided after payment and briefing.




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edificio "Varandas do Sol", Lote 3, Loja 7,
 Portimao, Portugal. 8500-802.

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